The secret of life.

The secret of life is that there is no secret of life. it’s all hard work.


The wisdom of Feelings

During the last few months, I have been trying to heal the emotional self, and I’ve realized the power of feelings…

In feelings there is wisdom, for the simplest feelings speak the greatest truth.

Pain in life comes from avoiding the truth that your feelings tell.

Any road that avoids feelings cannot be right.

Hiding from your feelings only makes you go in circles. (Been hiding for 5 years, and I did go round and round in pain. And now, I’m in the healing process).

Become comfortable with your feelings, because your feelings are your life.

Trust your feelings. They’re the only true guidance you’ll ever get.

If you know what you’re feeling, you know what the world is revealing to you.

If you cannot be true to your feelings, you cannot be true to yourself.

Trust your feelings, but first you have to know what you really feel.

when you find out when a feeling started, you also find out why.

The feelings you are afraid to release cause you to hold onto other things…

Stay up to date with your feelings. Don’t store them. When a feeling ages, it becomes less honest.

The more immediately you express your hurt, the more completely it resolves.

Stand up for your feelings and you’re free to be yourself.

You have to be able to cry to live fully, for tears in the right place cause healing..

Your feelings are explanation enough. Let them speak.

The greatest credential is the human heart…

Be open.

To be open is to be willing to see and be seen.
Openness is based on self acceptance and a desire to grow.
openness and freedom are linked.
Only the open are free.
Only the free are open.
Love only flourishes in openness.
It is hate and suffering that prosper in secret.
The feelings I hold in take over my life.

Open my heart?? I don’t know cause if I lock too many feelings away, I’ll lose myself and I don’t want that.
The painful truth told now is better than an unhappy life lived in silence. Tell it!?

The feelings I don’t admit take over my life and imprison me. Admit them??!

There are no mysteries to life when I am open.
Being open is living my best life.
When I’m open, I become free to leave the mark I’m supposed to.

When I’m open, all the answers are knowable. Awesome.

A monologue: Move on!

What’s the point of staying in that rut?

Am i getting uncomfortable with my misfortune?

Am I gathering my strength, waiting for another try?

Am I displaying my misfortune, feeling sorry for myself? 

Am I using my sad position as a convenient reason to complain to someone else?

Am I failing in order to disappoint another person? Do I think that other person notices? Do I think that other person should care? 

Who should care about me when I don’t care enough about myself to lift myself out of my dilemma? 

Maybe I have to be in this rut in order to convince myself that I need to do something about it. After all, I’ve been there awhile and nothing much seems to have changed by itself.

Okay, I admit that things have gotten as bad as I say they have.

But, how long am I planning to suffer?

How much additional punishment do I think i deserve?

Maybe, I should call when i’m ready to move on. It’s always up to me.

Or maybe don’t call, just move.



Apologize? Should I? I can do it?
I’ve been feeling bad about it long enough…

If I INSIST I wont apologize, what do I think my determination is saying?

Perhaps that I was right or that the other person deserved it, but mostly am I just trying to convince myself that what I did wasn’t so hurtful?

So when I refused to apologize, I was really trying to convince myself that I am not bad.

Well, I’ve got some news from my mom. Only strong, healthy people apologize.

I am not bad, even if I acted badly?
I am not bad, even if I acted badly intentionally?

I was probably hurt myself, and my hurting was just the tip of the iceberg of my own anger.

Apologize? And also explain how I was hurt?? Take responsibility for the hurt that I caused?? Yes! That’s the way.
And probably, I should not try to talk my way out of it, and not use my own hurt to justify being insensitive.

Being sincere, admitting that I am only human and apologizing then I’ll feel like myself again…

Make mistakes.

Why should I be afraid to make mistakes?? I will only learn from my own mistakes.

My successes does not teach me very much. Life is always changing. My success could have been a blessing.

I’m sure to fail if I only try to imitate old successes and never risk enough to make mistakes.

My biggest successes evolve through my failures.

I can learn from the mistakes of others, but I only grow through making my own.

My mistakes point out my flaws, teach me to have confidence in my strengths and have a healthy respect for my humanness.

My mistakes makes me accessible to myself. It is easzier to review my life and make a powerful change during a mistake than it is during a success. Success lures me into believing I am better that I am.

While makin a mistake can be deflatin, it also reconnects me to my promise to myself. I want the people I love most when the leave me. I want the work situation most when I have lost it.

When I am disappointed, my goals seem clearer.

I make my own mistakes on the road to my own goals.

I’ll loosen up, take a chance, run the risk of growing again.

The mistake I make could just be the new beginning I’ve been looking for…

Be a little selfish.

If we sacrifice ourselves hoping that others will reward us, we are only fooling ourselves and setting up other people to disappoint us.

If you do not do what you need to do to make yourself happy, who should?

If you are not a happy person and are waiting for something to happen to make your life better, you will wait a long time.

Our job, your job is to make your life happy.

There is something that you want to do that you can do right now.

Do it!

Other people wont think you are selfish.

Other people probably wont even notice.

If they do notice, most likely they will envy you.

Besides, what do you owe anyone who argues with you for making yourself happy?

If someone is going to hate you no matter what you do, you might as well do whatever you want…