About me

I do not try to be accepted. I do not search for love. I want only to be me and am grateful for the gift of myself.

The road of life is seldom a smooth on – it’s dotted with potholes, treacherous turns, speed bumps, and numerous detours. While it’s easy to lose our way traveling along such a road, we need not despair…

Hey folks, I’m Sarona from India.. Being an ambivert, I like to have my space for ’ME’ time where I dwell in a myriad of thoughts, dreams, and visions of standing on my own in life.
I set high standards for myself and tend to get stressed out because of the same – hence my passion for creative self expression is a great stress buster.
What else…??… I enjoy company of die hard optimists like me who believe in always seeing the silver lining behind each cloud.
I only like to receive as much as I’m willing to give… Be it space, respect, friendship or love.
I believe anything is possible if we believe in God and ourselves. I believe that there are special abilities but NO disabilities.
More about me reflects in my actions for they speak louder than words.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. You sound like a great person! And I agree with the optimistic outlook. Also, it can be more easily achieved with God at the head of your life. Great little bio…

    Thanks for visiting my site as well,

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