The secret of life.

The secret of life is that there is no secret of life. it’s all hard work.


The wisdom of Feelings

During the last few months, I have been trying to heal the emotional self, and I’ve realized the power of feelings…

In feelings there is wisdom, for the simplest feelings speak the greatest truth.

Pain in life comes from avoiding the truth that your feelings tell.

Any road that avoids feelings cannot be right.

Hiding from your feelings only makes you go in circles. (Been hiding for 5 years, and I did go round and round in pain. And now, I’m in the healing process).

Become comfortable with your feelings, because your feelings are your life.

Trust your feelings. They’re the only true guidance you’ll ever get.

If you know what you’re feeling, you know what the world is revealing to you.

If you cannot be true to your feelings, you cannot be true to yourself.

Trust your feelings, but first you have to know what you really feel.

when you find out when a feeling started, you also find out why.

The feelings you are afraid to release cause you to hold onto other things…

Stay up to date with your feelings. Don’t store them. When a feeling ages, it becomes less honest.

The more immediately you express your hurt, the more completely it resolves.

Stand up for your feelings and you’re free to be yourself.

You have to be able to cry to live fully, for tears in the right place cause healing..

Your feelings are explanation enough. Let them speak.

The greatest credential is the human heart…