The illusion of being controlled…

We cannot control our lives, we can only do what’s right in each moment.

Our approach to the moments becomes our lives.

Whet can we control that is really worth anything?

The best things are free, but you need to be free to enjoy them.

Love is either free or it is not love.

We have to be free to give and recieve.

The feeling we try to control, controls us.

We cannot control others without losin their love.

If we protect someone else from pain, we destroy his or her motivation.

If we hold the upper hand over others, we cannot love them, we can only abbuse them.

When we use anything but acceptance to get our way, we’re only manipulating others.

We cant buy love without paying interest for the rest of our lives.

When we have to pay for love, we’re only controlled in return.

Release our grip.

Loosen our hold.

Let it all be.

Declare what we want.

Risk rejection and failure.


‘Be yourself’ is about the worst advice I could give some people. :P

We are the unchanging us.

We are the same us that we were when we were a child and the same us that we will be on our last day.

And yet we can only be our best as we are now, not as we used to be, not as we will be in 20 years.

We can only be our best as ourselves, not in imitation of someone else, not by following someone else’s standards, only by fulfilling our own.

Be ourselves, not what other people want or need us to be.

Wherever we can be ourselves is the place we are supposed to be. We cannot be our best where we do not feel like ourselves.

The person we should be with is the person in whose presence we feel most like ourselves, most like our best.

When we have to give up part of ourselves to be with another person, we always miss the part that we sacrificed in order to be together, and we hold the other person hostage for the part of ourselves we miss.

When we are lonely it is always for that missing part of ourselves.

Our work should be about us. It should mirror our best and capture our desires. We should be able to find ourselves by losing ourselves in our work.

When we are bored, we are not living our own lives.

We dont have to try, we just have to be.

Be ourselves where we are right now.

Every part of our lives should tell our life stories, for if we own ourselves fully, we possess the world!


No one really wants to work, especially me, and especially when the work is someone else’s and moves ME toward a goal that has absolutely NOTHING to do with my life is about!

Its easy to feel lazy when I dont find any purpose in what im doing.
Money soon loses its power to motivate me. Money is like that. Blah. Pursuing it makes me crazzzzy!!! :@

Even If I grab the brass ring on the merry go round, I can sometimes feel pretty stupid that, after winning a meaningless symbol, I am still going around in circles, still pleasing others. Dafuq!

What can anything mean, really mean, that is not of myself!!!

Srsly, Im never lazy when I do what I love, although sometimes im just afraid and push the work I love away… 😥 im just only afraid of the right work because I dont want to discover unpleasant truths abt myself. The right work tells on me!!! Seriously!!

It can reveal that im not as competent as I would like to be.

Or not as talented, and that I am really really goin to have to work at my success.

Or not as special, and that I have absolutely nothing very earth shattering to say.

Or not as original, and that I have a lot of growing to do.

Well, join the club. If I risk doin what I’m supposed to do, I may make the sad discovery that im not as good as I had hoped, but I also may find that I am not as bad as I had feared…

My life started a long time ago. Am I on the right road??? Am I doing what I want to be doing???

Now, what is all this laziness about????!!! Wake up, me!! -.-