Being crazy is holding onto pain…

The greater the time elapsed between the hurt and expressing it, the crazier you are.

Unforgiven hurt fuels angry fantasies that make you doubt yourself and infect your thinking with unspeakable retaliation, bad dreams, and an uneasiness of the soul.

You feel especially craazzzyyy when you doubt your goodness, for then you’re always lost and the center of your life no longer holds.

The time you seem craziest to others is when you vacillate before making a decision.

Crazy is being torn between two masters, two conflicting ideals.
“Can I be for myself without alienating you and risk losing your love?”

You never feel more crazy than when people lie to you.

And when people lie about loving you, they hurt you the most.

Being crazy is not knowing what to believe.

There is no imprisonment worse than being bound to a crazy person, for then you can only be real by paying a price.

The way to become crazy is to try to please everyone all the time.

The only freedom from craziness is telling the truth…

Only my voice can tell my truth.

Only my truth can heal my world


Do what YOU want.

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The only explanation you ever need for doin what I want is: “I want to.”

The only explanation you ever need for not doing what you dont want to do is: “I dont want to.”

The people who love you will understand.

The people who do not will not.

You do not need to convince anyone of anything. Actually, you cant convince people who want to control you of anything.

State your preferences directly and openly.

Think of this for a moment. The people who oppose your decision are only stating their opinion, their preferences. Why is their opinion about your life more important than your opinion about your own?

You wouldn’t object if others did what they wanted to do. You might not like it or agree, but you recognize other people are free to live their lives any way they like. Just like you! It’s only fair!

Memorize these two explanations: “I want to” and “I dont want to.”

You dont need excuses to be yourself.