Follow your heart.

Follow your heart and have the courage to dream, for what you dream becomes your life.

What dream should you dream?

The first answer your heart speaks is the truest.

When you tell the truth to yourself, it becomes apparent to the world.

Follow what you love.

That is always the right direction.

When your intention is clear, the path opens up.

Find that course.

Stay on it.

Believe in yourself.

When you lose your direction, look inside to find it again.

It will always be in the same place.


What other people think.


What other people think is only what other people thank.

Other people are just as confused as you are, just as insecure, just as frightened, just as likely to make mistakes, to be envious, jealous, or self deceiving, and, therefore, just as likely to distort what they hear and see.

First of all, what other people think about you is none of your business.

Remember that.

But if you must know what other people think, it has more to do about how they feel about themselves than they feel about you.

Other people are probably wondering what you think of them.

Think about that.

When feelings go astray…

We can never put our hearts away without losing ourselves.

When you hide from your feelings, you hide from your life.

More pain is caused from hiding the truth than from anything else.

You’ve got to make peace with your feelings in order to catch uo with your life, for the difficulty you have in expressing your feelings becomes the hard life you live.

Hurt that is buried often becomes anger directed towards at yourself.

The angry feelings you fear expressing becomes dark thoughts that plague you.

When feelings are withheld, it is wasy to confuse guilt with love and obligation with preference.

The strength you feel comes from the truth you tell about the way you feel.

You need to be strong. We need to be strong to feel safe enough to cry.

When you close down your feelings, you only widen your exposure to pain.

Feel your pain and your life will open up again.

Take the time to be beautiful…

I’ve realized that it only takes a moment longer to do it right.

When I rushed, I’ve lost my place in my mind, my balance tottered, my purpose dissipated.

Then, slowly I’ve taken time to see the beauty around me.

I’ve taken time to see the order, the existing plan, the architecture of the place.

I’ve taken time to see the balance, the imbalance, the light, the shade, the full places about to be emptied, the empty places about to be filled.

I’ve taken time to see the difference, the contrast, the supporters, and the antagonists…

I’ve taken time to see how I fit in.

I’ve taken time to find the right path, the course of passion, and the highest good.

I’ve taken time to find my place, and know before I do that it is always changing. Knowing that I have to be changing to fit in harmoniously.

I’ve taken time to know the intent of others, to understand the direction of the wind, the ebb of tides, and the emerging cloud faces.

I’ve taken time to see beauty.

I’ve taken time to know my response…

I’ve taken time to be beautiful.

The beauty that escaped me has left a hungry soul behind.

I appreciate the natural goodness of the human spirit. I’ve realized how easily flowers fade. I accept that life is fleeting, and know how all of this beauty can slip away if I do not take the time to notice.

Apocalypse: My Mazy Dream.

I’ve dream’t a weird dream which made me uncomfortably numb. All I could think of this dream for the past 2 weeks. I’ve tried to interpret it on paper…. but it appears confusing to me, still. – December 14th, 2011


In the heart of a child lies the hope of the future. 

In their hands is held the pen that will write of things to come.

With the life of a child is born seed for tomorrow

That will someday grow and bloom,

As trees from desert sands do come.


The blending of dimensions, the secrets of the heart,

Nature with eternity, mortality with life,

The shadow flees at daybreak, the darkness from the dawn,

The world is filled, as once it was, with beauty.


The night winds blow upon the plains, the whisper of a vision,

The unseen becomes clear to those whose eyes can see.

That which is hid in light of day, from sight of normal men,

Can be seen when all recedes, when night fully is come.


The people languish, dark they lie in valleys deep.

The Hand of Darkness reaches out in sleep.

The eyes are closed, the ears are dim, perceiving, they are blind.

The Darkness must be felt before the Light is made to shine.


The time will come on windswept plains, the vision sure shall stand:

The Hills of Shadow line with fire along the view of man;

Destruction, darkness, lamentation, weeping deep and sore;

The Darkness rises, Light shall fade, till time comes nevermore.


Where Darkness stands, no Light is seen. The Truth will hidden lie.

The sons of man forget what was, as time and day go by.

The Light is lost, they search no more. Need have they none, they say.

And thus in ignorance they live on, in lost, forgetful day.


Beyond the Shadowed Hills there lies the crater, foul and mean;

Filled with terror, filled with fright, and unspeakable things.

Beyond the Dunes there lies a lain, there souls of days-gone rest;

They wait until the day will come, they pray for what is blest.


The plains lay fair, he sky was warm, when Settler daw his land;

He built his town, and found a home, upon the desert sands.

His gift it was, a blessed place, and so he rested there;

The watchers watched, and pleased were they.

Their bounty was to share.


The books read of the tales no more,

And few can now recall

Or remember whence the takes have come,

Lost are they – they all.


To learn, to grow, t know the Truth, and be raised in the Light-

Such are the foundation stones of knowledge.

Those unseen shall speak forth the words of Light

To minds not turned to thoughts of Darkness.


Those who speak forth, those who tell, are given

To each age, each generation. To the Settlers

They were the beings divine.

Now messengers shall speak, and who shall heed?

They shall be wise.


On one hand lies the Darkness, the Dark Hills of the Shadow

Casting blackness over sand.

The winds do clash, the storm does rise

To battle the unseen hand.


Between the mountains lies the vale. Between the hills, the sand.

Upon these plains is battles fought. Upon these, forces rage.

They seek the high, they seek the low, each to his own rank-

In habit they, influence they, dominion over all.


The words of Light as seeds lay

In dark places. From there they shall grow.

From there shall Light spring forth when Darkness knows it not,

And Darkness overcome shall be.


The hour of the day, the hour of night,

The passing sun and moons,

The time will tell, in days, in years

The ages of man.

The seasons of time and eternity.


Speak forth the words heard in the night,

Sing forth the songs of yore,

The tales of love, the tales of woe-

Though less, yet still of more.


The people languish in ignorance. Their minds are turned away.

They sit in the streets, beholding every man his brother,

And every wife her neighbor.

None utters things the eyes cannot see, the ears cannot hear,

The hands cannot touch, the mind cannot perceive.


When sun shall set, and shadows fall across the plains,

The Darkness grows upon those who sleep;

The cold shall winter on the land, the wise will know,

Evil wakes when Good in slumber lies.


In a vision of the night winds I saw a child,

Born of the Settlers, but his gift of life was short.

Our  brother it was, and then I cried.

But he smiled, and his smile gave great comfort.

He is there, I know, beyond the Dunes. We shall see him again.


They who see shall know. Those who understood shall follow.

The Mediator  shall come, and stand on the border

Of Time and Eternity.

Strength shall be given, and the people shall come to their deliverance.


They speak of that they know not.

They read the sky as a book, seeing letters,

But understanding not the words, nor their meaning.


In the hour of twilight, at the setting of the sun,

At the rising of the evening star,

The sign in the sky shall be followed by a sign upon land-

Then the time of Darkness shall draw nigh.


Their mirth is empty. Their faces are painted, and smile.

The Light is not within them, nor desire they t without.

As the night winds seek to extinguish the light of the candle,

So shall Darkness seek to quench the Light while it yet burns.


In the power of one lies the strength of the other;

In the gift of one, lies the salvation of all;

In the moment when time shall unite with eternity,

The doom of the Darkness shall have begun.

The Mediator shall come.


The shadows of Darkness shall seek to call

Upon the winds to quench

The flame of Light,

But the winds shall turn, the Light shall be lifted upon it, and be saved.


He shall grow among men, this Child of Celestines.

He shall leave them, but only to return.

His coming shall be hidden, His coming shall be seen-

Uniting the divided as one.


When the gates of Time and Eternity stand open together,

When the Mediator brings that which shall bind the two worlds together,

The Presence of the Shadow shall grow stronger.

For the Light must needs diminish, that the Darkness be drawn forth.


A sadness overwhelmed their souls when they awoke to find

The world they loved, the world they knew, was lost, was left behind.

The desert sands below their feet, the empty skies above,

Would be their home, to make their own, with selfishness or love.


The lands were green, the skies were blue, the ancients have all told.

The days were long, the nights were sweet, in long ago time of old;

But left behind it had to be, the ancients have all told,

Until some day they would return, as long ago time of old.

The truth.

Live your life so that the truth is your friend.

The truth is the beginning of freedom.

The truth is freedom.

The truth is its own explanation.

One truth admits all others.

The truth is within you.

Don’t fight it. Admitting the truth only hurts when it should.

It only takes one small truth to pierce our false illusions, and yet one truth can set your whole life straight.

The truth is the cure for confusion.

Only being loyal to truth will comfort you.

Being able to hear the truth is being able to understand the mysteries of your life and connect them.

People will only tell you the truth that you are able to hear, And so you can only have others’ love if you can hear all of their truth.

If love is anything, love is the truth.

Where the truth is most easily expressed, stress is lowest.

Courage comes when you seek the truth.

Healing begins when you accept it.

Tell the truth so that you’re not in pain and can love the world again.