Accept yourself.

When we don’t accept ourselves, we become oversensitive to rejection.

When we don’t accept ourselves, we lose faith every time we trip over an old weakness.

When we don’t accept ourselves, we waste time looking out for love to make us complete.

When we don’t accept ourselves, we try to beat others rather than seeking our best.

When we don’t accept ourselves, we overvalue material things.

When we don’t accept ourselves, we always feel lonely and being with other people doesn’t seem to help.

When we don’t accept ourselves, we live in the past.

Acceptance is not a hopeless position; it’s the only position from which we can grow.

If we accept all of our lives, none of it will have been wasted.

When we don’t accept ourselves, we dread what each day may reveal about us.

When we don’t accept ourselves, the truth becomes our enemy.

When we don’t accept ourselves, we have no place to hide.

Accepting ourselves is everything.

If we accept ourselves, we can accept the world.




That you are alive.

That you won.

That although you were beaten, you are still here.

That you feel.

That a hummingbird visited you.

That the breeze carried the perfume of spring.

That the car started and the brakes held.

That the sunset was mauve and golden umber.

That the rose broke through at last and bloomed.

That you cried.

That you were remembered.

That you remember.

That the wind carried a message of hope.

That you love.

That you once loved.

That all music and art were intended just for you.

That you were right.

That you forgave.

That it rained and the rain forgave all of us.

That you are human, after all.

How you see the World.

Is the water glass half – full?

Or is it half – empty?

Are you an optimist?

Or are you a pessimist?

Both answers are wrong, because each is biased.

The correct answer is that the glass contains water.

The same amount of water would be overlooked in a barrel and overflow a thimble. What is the point?

You perceive the world in relative terms because you grew up in relationship to other people. Your family had more or less than other families, and you complained that a sibling was treated better because he or she got more. More meant good. Less meant bad.

Reality is not relative, but the way you see it is.

If you feel rejected and at the bottom of life’s ladder, you find evidence wherever you look that the world is a dark and hopeless place. And you are wrong.

When you have triumphed and found love, been promoted to the coveted position, and are celebrated in the press, you think the world is a polace of unlimited possibility and wonder. And you are just as wrong.

The world is neither good nor bad.

It simply is.

You, too, have the potential to be good and bad.

Cherish your good and build upon it. Neither ignore your weakness nor despise it.

Live in the empty and full part of your life at the same time.

Accept your death…

If we accept our death, what meaning can our lives have?

Dont be put off by the morbidity of this.

You are mortal, we are mortal and, being precious, we have a problem. We need to take care of ourselves without becoming obsessed with our health, to be safe and still take the right risks.

Death should come as a friend at the end of our days when we are weary and the road impassable, not because we took reckless chances to test our mortality. If we try to deny death, we end up losing our lives.

Death is not an option. It is imposed upon us. Just like life.

The best preparation for dying is finding ourselves.

It doesnt matter where we are on the road when death comes but that we are on the right road, making the right journey, to a destination we chose.

Our lives is our adventures; our death, just another reminder. Acknowledging our end imparts urgency to making the right beginning.

Who are we? Who are you?

Why are we here?

Where are we going?

What will we leave behind?

We live deliberately by being honest in each moment, solving our problems as life presents them to us, by feeling our pain openly, surrendering to joy, giving in love, and by expecting nothing.

In the end they are going to kill us. Accept this.

Our lives is our only reward. Your life is your only reward. Live it so that it is worth dying for…

Be a little braver.

The truth is, it’s not going to take that much to make your life better.

Just a little effort.

You don’t need to climb Mount Everest; you just need to take one little step.

Be a little braver.

The diet you are struggling with will succeed if you are just a little braver.

The job you are working on will be fine if you find the courage to work just a little harder.

The task you dread, the grades you wish to accomplish, the difficult time you need to get through can all be handled if you act a little braver.

You don’t have to solve all of your problems.

You just have to begin.

Be a little braver.

“I am ready. I am now. I can. I will”.

Dont suffer.

Everyone who suffers is a little bit unrealistic.

Suffering is mostly about events that have already happened, and much suffering is about events that happened long ago.

You were not put here to suffer. It just sometimes feels that way.

You suffer when you keep pain alive, for smoldering pain continually creates anger. These somthered feelings live inside you, hurting you because they have no place to go.

When you cannot own your tears, you lose yourself.

When you cannot mourn, you suffer.

You suffer as long as you hold false beliefs.

You suffer when you cannot forgive.

No one suffers like the proud, for they have to pretend that they were not hurt. Their joy becomes brittle.

No one’s suffering is more bitter than that of controlling people, for they suffer in isolation.

No one suffers more desperately than dependent people, for they cannot let go.

Accept what has happened.

Learn from your lessons.

Mourn your losses.

And release.

Grief knows no clock, and suffering can swallow up your life.

Let others be free…

Let other people be free.

Free to accept you, free to turn you away.

Let other people be free to love you and to love you not.

If these words strike your heart with the agony of anticipated rejection, consider for a moment that only people who are free not to   love you can love you completely.

Love can only be given freely, for the slightest obligation dulls passion.

Let other people be free.

Free to embrace our ideas, free to dispute them with enthusiasm.

The people who are your strongest allies support you because they believe in you, not because they fear you. The coerced supporter is merely an enemy waiting to come to full strength.

People are loyal to the person who allows them to be free.

People support the person who respects their independence.

Democracies do not fight each other; neither do people who are free.

Trying to control others only makes them resist.

When you try to control others, you waste your energy and squander your resource. It’s like trying to contain the wind.

When you try to control others, you always lose your own freedom…